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What We Do:

  • Florida Animal Removal:  Our Orlando trappers specialize in humane capture and removal of critter problems from Florida homes. We operate a complete wildlife pest control company, specializing in Tampa animals in attic.

    We don't just trap and remove critter problems, our Orlando animal control provides a complete and permanent solution for your critter problem. For example, if you've got animals living in your house, we don't simply trap and remove them. We find the root cause of the problem - usually something attractive about the house, such as holes or openings at the roof line leading into the attic, and we seal these openings shut after the wildlife have been removed, so that you don't have the problem ever again. We identify and repair any damage that the animals may have caused, and clean up after their habitation, which may have resulted in waste left behind.

    Orlando Pest Control   We handle any animal problem. and we perform regular general pest control services for insects as well.  Each of our rat control exterminators are Florida licensed  pest control technicians.  Wildlife Patrol provides integrated pest control services for Orlando, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale and Sarasota. This means we look to solve infestations permanently by sealing the structure and altering the landscaping. Orlando pest control homepage


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