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Pricing out repair work.

Every animal in attic job starts with the animal finding a way though the structure.  Sometimes the animal uses openings existing in the building since its construction and sometimes they create their own entry.

Large animals (raccoons, possums, cats) enter buildings through 1 hole and typically only 1 repair is needed to solve the current issue.

Small animals (rats, mice, squirrels) typically enter homes through multiple locations and more work is required to keep these smaller pests out.

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   all repair work is performed or supervised by company owners
All repairs are priced out during the inspection.

The cost of repairs cannot be determined over the phone.  Every situation is unique to the building that is infested.  During the inspection, we will determine every entry point and every point that could be used in the future.  Wildlife Patrol will give our price to take care of each location in an itemized fashion and this list will be prioritized so that the customer understands which repairs are most important and which would pose the smallest threat if they were left undone.  Most points we seal range between $20.00 and $40.00 depending on the material cost, time involved, danger involved, and discomfort involved.


All repairs are optional.

The customer decides after the inspection which if any spots to have our company seal.  Some customers do the repairs themselves or choose another contractor to complete the work or opt to leave the openings alone and solve the problem through trapping alone.


All repairs are guaranteed against re-entry.

Every location the customer has Wildlife Patrol seal is guaranteed against re-entry for 1 year and we expect are repairs to last permanently.



Critter-proofing against small rodents is generally more expensive than sealing against large animals.

Rats, mice, and squirrels can enter a building in many more ways than a raccoon can because of their tiny size.  To keep these critters out, more work is generally required at more locations.


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