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How To Remove Critters Living In A Home Attic

Animals move into attics for the safety of being isolated from predators for themselves and their litter.  Making a home in a warm dry location is also a factor.  Most animals that enter a house attic are females with their young.

The most common animals to get into attics are rodents.  Rats, mice, and squirrels can take advantage of tiny openings to find their way in.  Larger animals like raccoons, opossums, and feral cats also enter attics, but these are rarer situations.


rats in attic logo Rats in the Attic     Rats climb trees and telephone wires to reach rooftops. Every neighborhood in Central Florida has rats although they are rarely seen. From time to time, rats will find their way to the attic of a home. The attic becomes their warm and safe breeding grounds.
raccoons in attic pic Getting Raccoons Out Of Attic     Mother raccoons find the safest possible location to birth and raise their litter.  Baby raccoons are completely vulnerable and need protection.  Mother raccoons frequently find and enter attics to shield their young.  Learn how to find the litter in the attic and how to use the litter to catch the mother.
FL squirrels in attic pic How To Remove Squirrels From Attic     Squirrels entering the attic is probably the most common nuisance wildlife problem nationwide.  Most commonly, the problem isn't recognized until the mother squirrel's litter begins running around and also making noise in the attic.  Squirrels, like rats and other rodents, constantly have to chew. The potential for damage to electrical wires, air ducts, and plumbing is substantial.  Follow this page to learn the best methods to remove squirrels from the home attic.
possums in Orlando attic Removing opossum from attic     Opossum enter attics for safety and warmth. The attic is an isolated and warm place to hole up during the day.  Baby opossums cling to the mother for the first several weeks of their lives.  It is best to catch the family together at this stage.  Baby opossum once separated from the mother are unpredictable in their movements.

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