Animal Waste Removal

Deciding to clean the attic after animal inhabitation.

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Cleaning Out The Animal Waste

After the invading animals have all been removed and the building critter-proofed, there is still one more step.  The animals have left a mess up in the attic.  This mess can be very small or very large depending on how long the animals lived in the attic and how many there were.

Is attic cleanup always necessary?

No, but it is recommended for the following reasons:

1) Animal waste is a biohazzard - leaving droppings in the attic longterm can have health consequences.

2) Animal waste attracts other animals.  Future animals will scent the attic and try to reach the prior animals.

3) Leaving droppings in the attic is particularly unattractive to new home buyers.

4) Some customers continue to smell the waste inside the home and the odor needs to be dealt with at its source, not by masking agents in the home.


The following links show examples of the waste different animals leave in the attic.

rats in attic logo Rats waste.   Rats leave behind small pellet droppings.  Rat problems are frequently ignored until a large mess has been created, often including poisoned rat bodies.
raccoons in attic pic Raccoon waste.     Raccoons leave behind large droppings that vary quite a lot in appearance.  The droppings resemble large cat droppings.
FL squirrels in attic pic Squirrel waste in the attic.     Squirrels leave behind pellet droppings that are similar in appearance to rat droppings.  The droppings are usually less in number as squirrel jobs usually involve 3-6 squirrels whereas rat jobs can involve many more animals.
possums in Orlando attic Opossum droppings & poop.     Opossum droppings are larger than you would expect for the animal's body size.  The droppings most resemble dog droppings.

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