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Eliminating the Animal Mess

Stop the odor, protect your health, and reduce the chance of animal re-entry.

Step 1: Physical Removal of Waste
  • Your Wildilfe Patrol technician has explored the attic during the trapping phase and knows where the bulk of the droppings are.

  • Rat and squirrel droppings are removed by power vaccuum.

  • Raccoon and opossum droppings are removed by hand.

  • 70 - 100% of fecal matter is removed during this phase.
Step 2: Decontamination with BioShield®
  • BioShiled is a stable liquid suspension of enzymes and cultured live microorganisms and malodor counteractants.

  • It is capable of breaking down and digesting complex proteins, oils, hairs, and other organic wastes.

  • BioShield is applied by a power atomizer to all areas where animals have resided.

  • The atomizer blasts BioShield up to 25 feet away. This allows treatment of difficult to reach surfaces within the attic, crawl space, or wall voids.

  • BioShield begins to neutralize the waste immediately, and continues to work over time.

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