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Industrial-sized rat problem?
Managing hundreds of properties?

We can handle the largest of commercial and industrial rat control jobs. From corporate offices, to schools & churches, warehouses and apartment complexes, we have handled it all, and have the ability to solve your rodent problems, no matter how large.

Commercial Rat Control
A small rat problem can quickly become a big rat problem, resulting in disturbing animal noises during the night and eventually during the day. A business suffering from rats will lose customers. A management association with rats in its properties will lose tenants. Hiring Wildlife Patrol will stop the rats and keep business flowing.

No rat job is too large to be solved by our small company.

Just like residential jobs, commerical infestations are directly dependent on the structure of the building.  The rat control program we offer is designed to solve the infestation quickly, safely, and permanently.

Some wildlife problems are relatively easy and can be solved by the homeowner.   Some wildlife problems are somewhat tricky and should be performed by a wildlife company and it may not matter how skilled the wildlife operator is.

Rat problems are the absolute most difficult wildlife problems and the skill level of the wildlife company you hire is incredibly important.  Any small mistake on the part of the wildlife professional can cause the work to fail and money to be wasted.

Choosing Wildlife Patrol To Be Your Vendor
  • Results. All our work is performed by the owners of the company - meaning every job is performed by a master trapper. We consistently finish problems that other companies fail to solve.

  • Integrity. Rodent work takes place in attics and on roofs where often no one, but the wildlife operator sees the damage and can see the work.  Can you trust who performs the work to put forth maximum effort and fix only what needs fixing?

  • Professional representation. The vendor you hire represents your company.  Your customers or tenants will appreciate our experience, discretion, knowledge-base, and accountability.

  • Fast response. All new work orders are evaluated within 48 hours.  We know nothing's worse than waiting for help as a problem continues to grow.
Rat elimination and permanent prevention is our specialty.  Call today to discuss your situation with our experts.

First-class service.   Humane solutions.
True professionals.  This is Wildlife Patrol.

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