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Eliminating a rat infestation is the most difficult work Wildlife Patrol performs. Do not be fooled by companies or products that sell simple cures.  The only true solution comes from scouring a structure to find how the rats entered, sealing these areas as well as any other vulnerable spots, and trapping whatever rats were sealed in at the time of repairs.

Wildlife Patrol solves rat infestations permanently through a 4 step process.
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1). Inspection  Every job is unique and directly dependent on the structure of the infested building.  Rats squeeze through any gap wider than 1/2 inch; and their climbing ability allows them to explore virtually every square inch of a structure from the foundation to the roof peak in order to find entry.   Wildlife Patrol scours the building for entry points and evaluates the home and attic to find the safest and most effective location to trap.  Any entry point that is missed during the inspection can cause the work to fail.

2). Trapping  Rats respond poorly to traps - unless the trap is properly positioned.  Rats are cautious by nature and avoid new objects.  They travel established routes over and over again that they have learned are safe.  A trap, even with the most delicious bait, will often fail if it is not set on a route run by the rats.  Wildlife Patrol works hard to ensure any rat sealed inside a building after repairs are complete by a) exploring attic as throroughly as possible to find the best locations to set traps and b) using a great number of traps (typically 12-20 for a normal size attic).  Wildlife Patrol maintains the traps over the course of treatment; this includes clearing out catches, resetting traps, and rebaiting traps.  Trapping continues until trap activity ceases and customoer no longer hears animal noises.

3). Repairs  Closing all the entry points is essential to solve the problem and reinforcing vulnerable areas is the key to rat proofing a home.  The areas needing repairs are determined during the inspection.   Wildlife Patrol performs repairs to last permantly and guarantees every site we work on for 1 year.  The repairs and trap setup are performed at the same time.  Once all entry points are sealed, some rats are sealed outside and some rats are sealed inside.  Our extensive trapping prevents rats from dying from dehydration in locations where they'd never be found.  All of the rats sealed inside will find our traps and be removed.

4). Decontamination  After the infestation has been resolved, Wildlife Patrol offers decontamination services to eliminate the animal mess.  Decontamination involves a) physically removing as much of the rat feces as possible using a power vaccuum and b) applying Bioshield through an atomizing sprayer to break down rodent urine and oils.

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Rat elimination and permanent prevention is our specialty.  Call today to discuss your problem with our experts.

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