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Trapping the problem animal in your situation is dependent on correctly identifying the problem specie, choosing the correct trap to place, and positioning the trap based on understanding the animal's behavior.

The trapping pictures here show the animals which are responsible for most wildlife problems here in Central Florida.
rat snap traps How To Trap Rats and Mice     Rat trapping can go wrong a number of ways. Rats are faily intelligent animals and their capture is not easy. What kind of traps work best? Where should they be laid?
squirrel trapper pic How To Trap For Squirrels     Trapping squirrel is either done using food baited traps or by setting one way traps at a point the squirrel must walk through.  The best results come when the home is sealed except for one or two entry / exit points where traps are set. .
possum trapper How To Trap For Opossum     Opossum are relatively easy animal to trap for. When the animal has entered an attic or crawlspace, there is a specific technique to use to make certain you catch the target animal.
possums in Orlando attic How to trap for armadillo    
Florida armadillos cannot be lured into a trap - their food is everywhere!. Dillos do not respond to bait at all. Learn the techniques to use to catch and remove armadillo..
raccoon trapper file How To Trap Raccoons     Trapping raccoon can be difficult if the trapper is trying to catch the one specific raccoon that is using an attic.  The best results come when using the architecture or the raccoon litter to your advantage. There are 3 ways trap for raccoon. Ground trapping in general is straight forward when not targeting any particular raccoon.

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