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Bee Hive Removal - Miami Florida

Bees In The House?


Bees can be removed alive from the wall by bee experts in Fort Lauderdale if they are accustomed to working with them but it is somewhat difficult.   There is a greater risk of someone getting stung by the agitated bees. Most Fort Lauderdale pest control operators do not have the beekeeping expertise to do live removal like our Miami bee experts do.

Bees are beneficial insects, and many people are reluctant to just learning how to kill bees. Some Florida bee removal companies do hive and nest removals. Some Fort Lauderdale beekeepers also look to solve bee problems.  If looking for a person to do a live removal, give us a call at 954-607-7702.

If the bee problem ends with killing the bees, you could have up to 10 pounds of dead bees to dispose of, not to mention many more pounds of  bee larvae, honey combs and other debris. The rotting bees smell horribly, and killing them in a wall can result in a lasting stench.

 If a bee nest is killed and not removed, honey could leak out out through your wallpaper and baseboards, and even between stories in a house. This is not good, unless you enjoy natural honey.

To avoid this mess you need to remove the dead bees and the nest in Miami. This means opening up the cavity (i.e. cutting into the drywall) taking out the mess, and then fixing the wall. This can be expensive and troublesome.

Florida bees hanging in a tree could be a swarm. Swarming bees are bees that have left their original colony and are looking for a  cavity in which to form a new nest. When they find a new opening, they will move altogether, usually within a few hours to a few days. The thousands bees in a swarm, nest, or hive flying is a very dramatic sight, but usually not a great danger. Because these bees have little to defend, swarm bees can be relatively docile. If you see the edges of wax honeycombs sticking out of the cluster, it is probably an established colony


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