Orlando Opossum In Attic

Possums in the ceiling or crawl space?
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Heavy animal noises coming from the ceiling?

Opossums enter attics for warmth and safety. Once it picks an attic as its home, it will stay there as long as it can. Opossums enter by climbing trees and gutters to get to the roof and then taking advantage of weak points in the roof, soffit, or eaves. In the attic, the animal will nest and nurture its litter. They create problems by disloding sensitive attic structures, keeping the homeowners awake, and leaving a large mess of droppings / feces.

opossum family in attic
A mother oposum with its babies.

get the squirrel out photo
Jon removes the mother by hand first...

Squirrel trapper photo
and then returns for the litter.

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