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Professional removal of squirrels for Orlando, Lake Mary, Apopka, FL, Florida

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FL squirrels in attic pic How To Remove Squirrels From Attic     Squirrels entering the attic is probably the most common nuisance wildlife problem nationwide.  Most commonly, the problem isn't recognized until the mother squirrel's litter begins running around and also making noise in the attic.  Squirrels, like rats and other rodents, constantly have to chew. The potential for damage to electrical wires, air ducts, and plumbing is substantial.  Follow this page to learn the best methods to remove squirrels from the home attic.
squirrel trapper pic How To Trap For Squirrels     Trapping squirrel is either done using food baited traps or by setting one way traps at a point the squirrel must walk through.  The best results come when the home is sealed except for one or two entry / exit points where traps are set. .
heathrow squirrels Squirrel Videos     Wildlife Patrol's squirrel removal videos including videos of squirrel in attic, squirrel damage to fascia, 1-way trap setup, and trap success.
Lake Mary wildlife removal Squirrel Photos     Here's our collection of squirrel photographs we've taken over the years while performing Orlando, FL animal control services.
tile roof rodent control Tile roof rodent control    Tile roof rodent jobs can be especially challenging. Most tile roof jobs in Florida are resolved in the exact same manner as flat shingle roofs. Some homes require a great deal of sealing around the tile's perimeter.
animal down chimney Squirrel Down Chimney / Fireplace     Most chimney caps leave the outer flue open for squirrels to explore. When they go down this hole, they need fast help within 48 hours to assist them in getting out. There is no way to remove squirrels in the outer chimney flue from inside the fireplace.

Brazillian (Mexican) Free-Tailed Bats

Bats create large roosting colonies inside the roofs of exposed buildings. The bats leave mass amounts of droppings which are unpleasant in odor and appearance, but more importantly are a major source of the respiratory disease histoplamosis. Florida bat removal involves carefully inspecting a building to find how the animals are using it and then setting up an exclusion system. Bats are not killed, exterminated, or trapped in this process..
Orlando bats Image

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