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Central Florida is a great enviroment for a critter. Mild winters and numerous lakes support large numbers of raccoons, opossums, armadillos, rats, and squirrels. These animals occasionally come to conflict with people over the rights to their property. When wildlife invades an attic or crawlspace, Wildlife Patrol is the solution. We provide the best Orlando Trapping services! Click around our website for information about what our animal trappers do and for information about Florida's wildlife.
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The most common animal control problem for Orlando is animal inside attic. The usual scenario is some critter, usually a mother animal, enters a home's attic from the rooftop. The mother - whether its rat, squirrel, or raccoon - seeks out the attic as a safe, warm place to care for its litter. Rodents in attic is far more common than large animals like opossums and raccoons, but both happen in Orlando.

The homeowner hears the animal sporadically for a few days. The animals can be up in the attic without being detected at all if the insulation is thick or if the home is rarely lived in. Most of the nuisance animals are nocturnal and awaken the homeowner from sleep with their activity.

When an animal gets inside the attic, the main concern is damage to the house's electrical or plumbing. The sooner the animal can be removed, the better. Rodents love to chew and their presence in the attic cannot be ignored or hoped away.

Most animal control problems begin with small weak points in the building. Once the animals are trapped, the building can be sealed to prevent future wildlife problems.

If the animal problem is solved immediately, the animals do not have a chance to cause a large mess with their droppings and waste. In homes with longstanding problems, attic decontamination services are strongly recommended.
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