Poisoning Rats and Mice

poison is a very poor solution
poisoning can leave dead rats anywhere

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Using Poisons To Control Rodents

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Rat Poison   is a temporary solution at best. At worst, it leaves dead rats inside the attic where they cannot be retrieved and new rats continue to enter the home. The photograph above shows a dead rat and blue-tinged droppings from having ingested poison.
Why Poison Is A Poor Choice for Controlling Mice and Rats

  • 1). rodent problems are building problems Rats inside a home is caused by the home having entry points allowing rodent entry. If these areas are left alone, new rats will eventually replace the poisoned rats

  • 2). a poisoned rat or mouse will NOT leave the structure to die outside while it searches for water
    Nothing attracts a rat like a rat. An attic that has an active rat problem or even a past rat problem will carry a rat scent. Other rats in the viscinity will be driven to join these rats.

  • 3). posion would have to be coninuously applied to continue killing new rats
    Rats follow the scent of previously infested homes. The droppings and waste of the poisoned rats will continue attracting new rats. A rat problem addressed only with poison will never solve the issue.
  • How To Solve Rat Problems
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  • 1). make the landscaping as neat as possible, with all trees cut away from roof

  • 2). find the entry points, concentrate the search along the eave... and seal these entry points with steel

  • 3). load the attic with large snap rat traps

  • 4). clean out attic to remove rodent scent factors
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