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Orlando Pest Control services for rats, mice, and rodents.

Rat enter buildings to have a warm safe home, to nest, and because other rats are there. They tend to stay in the attic, but will enter the rest of building if the total population gets very high. Up in the attic, rats leave droppings, die naturally or from poison, chew on wires or plumbing, and make scratching noises in the middle of the night. Scurrying and chewing sounds may also be heard from the walls as the rats can climb up and down these hollow spaces which are continuous with the attic.

Wildlife Patrol is not a mere pest control or rat exterminators company and we do not use poison or bait stations to kill rats. We rely instead on solving the rat problem structurally to keep the every rat, mouse, and rodent out permanently. We seal buildings to stop them from coming in and trap for rodents that are sealed in during the repairs. The trapping that we do is extensive to ensure every last animal is captured and removal is complete.
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The presence of rats anywhere in the home is enough for most people to take action. The rodents make noise in the middle of night, chew food containers in the kitchen, leave droppings all over, and dead rats make rank odor problems. Beyond these rodent nuisance problems, a rat or mouse problem are serious threats to the household.

  • 1).  Rats and mice carry a number of diseases.

  • 2).   Rats chew on everything - including sensitive structures such as plumbing pipes, electrical wires, and air ducts. Damage to these structures can be very difficult and expensive to repair.

  • 3).  Rats in the attic are a fire hazard because of their ability to fray wires.

  • Rat control is our specialty at Wildlife Patrol. No pest control service, exterminator, roofing company, or general contractors can get rid of the rats from roof, lawn, attic, or crawlspace like we do. Rat control work, if performed less than perfectly, can go wrong in a number of ways. If you want to stop the rat or mouse problem quickly, permanently, and without leaving dead rats up in the attic; give us a call to schedule an inspection.

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