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How To Solve Nuisance Raccoon Problems

raccoons in attic pic Getting Raccoons Out Of Attic     Mother raccoons find the safest possible location to birth and raise their litter.  Baby raccoons are completely vulnerable and need protection.  Mother raccoons frequently find and enter attics to shield their young.  Learn how to find the litter in the attic and how to use the litter to catch the mother.
raccoon trapper file How To Trap Raccoons     Trapping raccoon can be difficult if the trapper is trying to catch the one specific raccoon that is using an attic.  The best results come when using the architecture or the raccoon litter to your advantage. There are 3 ways trap for raccoon. Ground trapping in general is straight forward when not targeting any particular raccoon.
raccoon video traps Raccoon Video Gallery     This page holds Wildlife Patrol's raccoon videos. These videos show a mother moving her kits up a tree as well as showing different steps of the removal process from an attic.
raccoons photo gallery pic Photo Gallery of Raccoons     This is a collection of some of our favorite raccoon photos. These photos were all taken by Wildlife Patrol.
raccoon trapper file Removal by Trapping At the Enty Point     Removing raccoons from an attic is a challenge depending on how the raccoon is getting through the roof and where the litter is located. The best Orlando raccoon control technique involves removing the litter by hand and then using the babies as bait for the mother.
rat snap traps Snaring Racoons     Raccoon control usually involves trapping the critters. Rarely, when the animal is sick, injured, or cornered, the animal can be removed immediately by snare pole.

Raccoon Control and Removal for Orlando, FL Florida

Raccoons are versatile, agile, dexterous, and curious. These critters thrive in Orlando, thanks in part to the numerous small lakes here in Central Florida. Raccoons cause 2 main types of problems for Florida homeowners: 1)break into home attic or 2)rip, tear, eat, and defecate on the homeowner's outdoor property. more and see why our company provides the best Orlando raccoon control.
Orlando Florida Raccoon Image

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