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Trapping for Rats

The perfect rat trap with the most delicious bait can still fail to catch rats if not positioned correctly. Traps must be set directly on rat runways in order to ensure results. Traps have to be positioned as closely as possible to where noises are heard... this means crawling throught the attic for placement.

Wildlife Patrol selects the correct trap for the situation, crawls through attics to place the traps right on rat runways, and maintains the traps as part of our rat control plan.   Talk to our experts: 407-810-1381

Wildlife Patrol sets traps depending on the architecture of the structure and where activity is being observed.  This typically involves loading up an attic or drop ceiling with lethal snap traps placed along rat runways that are found during inspection.  For the average residential job, we set 12-20 traps in places where no child or pet would be able to stumble upon them.

Safety First:
Exposed rat traps are hazardous to children, pets, and unsuspecting adults.  For this reason, Wildlife Patrol only places exposed traps in places where only the rats will find them, such as the attic , crawlspace, or drop ceiling. Customer safety is always more important than catching rats. When traps have to be placed in the home proper, we only use safe live traps or traps locked inside bait stations.

Immediate Results:
After Wildlife Patrol seals a building a has finished trap setup; rat activity noticeably decreases after the first night. Rat activity completely ceases within 1 week in 90% of our jobs.

No Rat Left Behind:
When a building is sealed, some rats are permanently sealed outside the home, and some rats are permanently sealed inside. Trapping is performed to ensure all sealed in rats die in a trap and thus easily removed by our staff. Wildlife Patrol ensures no rat is left behind to die of dehydration by trapping with a great number of traps and placing traps directly where we observe their signs.
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Traps vs. Poison
  • Trapping will get results the first night set. Poisoning typically takes a month before a difference is noticed.

  • Trapped rats die in the trap. Poisoned rats can die anywhere. Poisoning takes the chance of causing an odor problem as body decomposes and then leaving rat remains permantly inside home

  • Both techniques need to be performed with great care as both can be harmful to children and pets if poorly placed. Consult a professional to ensure safety!

  • Both techniques only represent part of the solution. They both need to be performed in conjunction with finding how the rats entered the building in the first place and sealing those areas permanently.

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Rat elimination and permanent prevention is our specialty.  Call today to discuss your situation with our experts: 407-810-1381

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