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Rats in the Attic

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Roof Rats   are a specific specie of rat that thrives in warm, coatal climates.  Roof rats (also called citrus or black rats) can be found throughout the country, but climates like Orlando, FL are where these critters really create problems.  Roof rats easily climb up to the roof and inevitably come across entry points through the roof into the attic.
Why Do They Go There?
Roof rats crave attics for three reasons:
  • 1). Warmth:  Roof rats are tropical animals and crave warmth. When nighttime temperatures drop below 70 F, roof rats are driven to seek a warmer environment.

  • 2). Mating opportunities:  Nothing attracts a rat like a rat. An attic that has an active rat problem or even a past rat problem will carry a rat scent. Other rats in the viscinity will be driven to join these rats.

  • 3). Safety:  Attics are free of predators. Like all other animals, rats avoid for themselves and their offspring danger by seeking shelter from predators.
  • Rodent Damage   to sensitive attic structures is the primary reason to remove the rats quickly and permanently.  Rats chew and gnaw all the time.  Rats in the attic can destroy electric wires, air ducts, and plumbing.  The threat to electrical wires is a serious fire-hazzard, and many unexplained fires are attributed to rodents.
    orlando FL rat problem rats in Florida
    How To Solve Rat In The Attic Problems   The key to solving rat infestations is to find their entry points into the attic, seal these locations, and trap for rats that are sealed inside the building. Click here to see Wildlife Patrol's pest control process.
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    Rat Diseases   include Hantavirus Pulonary Syndrome, Rat-bite fever, and leptospirosis.  Rats in the attic leave behind droppings which breed bacteria.  Rats in the attic can descend into kitchen and contaminate the home's food.
    orlando FL rat problem rats in Florida
    Attic decontamination   is recommended for attics where droppings have built up.  Some homes need the attic vacuumed and insulation sprayed down, others need the attic insulation completely replaced.
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